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LinDream Skin

LinDream Skin was founded from a strong desire to make celebrity quality cosmetics available to everyone at an affordable price. We have years of experiences producing high-end cosmetics for high profile individuals. We want to give our customers natural & effective products for their daily or weekly skin care routines. This is our goal and we hope you will give LinDream Skin products a try and see for yourself.

Simplified Skincare

Are you tired of complicated steps of applying eye masks, face masks, neck masks separately? Do you want to get rid of the tedious procedures of applying toner, then serum, then cream, etc? LinDream Skin is devoted to making your skincare routines simpler and more effective. We believe too many ingredients on our skin harm our skin instead. We created a 3D mask that can take care of skin of your face, chin, neck and around your eyes all at one time. And our effective serum capsules smooth your skin instantly with high quality active ingredients. 

Lindream Mask photo 5
drop of serum capsules

The serum capsules are so amazingly effective! I feel my skin gets smoother instantly. The oil serum is absorbed fast by skin and I can see my skin glow immediately! 

Veronica B.

Wow ! I love how the mask can cover my neck and how it got soo much moisture and lots of serum that I can apply to my hands and body! Very thoughtful of the company!

Wendy K.

This is the BEST face and neck mask sheets I have ever used!! Excellent product quality and service. Will recommend all my family and friends to try them! Thank You, LinDream!!

Surinder M.