Instant Wrinkle Remover Series

We add different kinds of peptides and effective anti-aging ingredients to create such lifting and firming effects. The effect is very obvious when one applies it for the first time. Different from other instant wrinkle removers sold in the market, ours not only bring instant effects but also firm and tighten the skin after being rinsed off the face. With regular use, one can feel the decrease of the wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, our instant wrinkle removers don't give customers creamy or greasy feelings like BB cream or creamy foundation concealer. We have two forms of instant wrinkle removers, serum and cream. When used together, they create fabulous lifting and firming effects on the skin. They can also be applied on the knees and elbows to remove the wrinkles there, which brings women more confidence while wearing sexy clothes in spring and summer.


 Before            After             Before          After