Polysaccharide Essence Mask

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Polysaccharide: "Natural component of skin that can be a good water-binding agent and potentially have antioxidant properties.」 Cosmetic Ingredient Guidebook, Paula Begoun. Rated 「BEST」 among cosmetic ingredients on http://www.paulaschoice.com

Different from the traditional jelly mask (or called collagen mask) where synthetic Carbopol / Carbomer is added to create a jelly-like substance, our mask consists of naturally extracted polysaccharides which are the sugar molecules that create the moisture binding gel-like substance. These sugar molecules can bind up to 1,000 times their weight in moisture and are responsible for the skin's hydration.

The mask contains positively charged polysaccharides. After making contact with the skin, the chemical bonds of polysaccharides will be broken. Afterwards, a positively charged polysaccharide will be attached to a nutrient molecule. Moreover, positively charged polysaccharides have a special characteristic; that is, they can cause water or nutrients to be transported one way. Therefore, the re-absorption of the water and nutrients back to the masks does not happen in our face mask.

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