About us

LinDream Skin has been devoted to the research and development of cosmetics products. We have cooperated with reputable professors in universities and with cosmetics manufacturers to bring products of best quality to our customers all over the world. One of our labs collaborates with Sederma Laboratory in France to get the most updated formulas of cosmetics, and consequently, astonishing effects of our new products can always be expected.

We have highly-advanced production equipment and professional installations configured in plants. Our R&D department is dedicating itself to continuously releasing new and safe products. We import natural and ECOCERT-certified organic ingredients from European, Japanese, and US suppliers. The packaging materials for our products are qualified for food packaging. We care about the quality of our products because we consider our customers' health and beauty as our primary concerns.

Business Philosophy

The five basic business principles of LinDream Skin are: our  products are of the best quality, our staff members work at the highest efficiency, we offer the most satisfactory services, have a high-level of reliability, and maintain the best reputation. Our insistence in following these five basic principles results in the popularity of our products.

Enterprise Spirit

Long-term customer relationships and quality are the spirit of LinDream Skin which drive us to higher levels in the cosmetics industry. Customers' concerns are always our priority. We care about and respect all of our customers and we offer exchanges of abundance with our customers in all aspects. We carefully control and inspect the quality of all our products. We keep our commitments to our customers to build mutual trust and long-term business relationships. Therefore, you can feel confident when working with us through the whole business process.

GMP Compliant Factory

The factories of LinDream Skin are clean and dust-free environment. Periodic cleaning and disinfecting of working places, air-filtration systems, various manufacturing and packaging apparatuses help maintain quality-control environments. The management of the plants and the control of the quality follow GMP and ISO 22716 standards.

  1. Production lines meet GMP standards
  2. Personnel offices and logistics routes are in different spaces for smooth operation
  3. Experienced and professional teams
  4. ISO 22716 certified factories
  5. Ultra high-tech and high-quality equipment
  6. High-bio-tech, dust-free, and medical-level manufacturing environments
  7. The material, EXPOY, is used on the floors and walls of our factories to avoid the accumulation of dust effectively.

Professional Teams

LinDream Skin has professional R&D, production, and packaging teams.

  1.  R&D Team:
    An experienced and p
    ​​​​rofessional R&D team develops various cosmetics products to satisfy customers. We cooperate with the laboratories of top universities in Taiwan, France, US and Japan in order to incorporate the modern knowledge of Bio-Tech into the development of our cosmetic products.

  2.  Production Lines:
    Our factories are equipped with machines and facilities imported from Germany.

  3.  QC and Packaging Lines:
    All the finished cosmetic products will be randomly selected for illumination tests, temperature tests, centrifugal-force tests, viscosity tests, preservation efficacy tests and stability tests to ensure the quality of our products.